Best Off Page SEO Techniques To Increase Traffic and Keyword

If you want to know deeply about the best off-page SEO techniques, it is basic to understand that there are three basic kinds of Seo techniques. These are categorized as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. But today we are going to talk about some of the best off-page SEO techniques which are very effective and help in improving the website’s traffic. We need to add keywords in the content which will help to crawl the websites on Google Page.

Before diving into a detailed description of off-page SEO techniques, it is

important the basics about Off-Page SEO Optimization.

Let’s have a look at what do you mean by Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Here, Off-Page SEO can be termed as the technique of developing hyperlinks commonly from high authority websites. All the activities which are conducted by Off-Page SEO are usually analyzed under Off-Page SEO techniques. The hyperlinks which are developed employing Off-Page SEO activities are accepted as votes for a web page and however support the webpage in improving their visibility on the Google Search Engine Page Results.

Why is it important to do SEO Off-Page Activities?

As we have already mentioned that backlinks are taken as votes for our webpage. If you have more high-quality backlinks focussing on your webpage, it means that you have a carved belief for your webpage.

Hence, high-quality backlinks aid in enhancing the ranking in search engine pages such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Before developing hyperlinks or backlinks for your webpage, it’s better to comprehend that Google dislikes spam. And as per the strategy of Google Penguin update, inaugurated in April 2012 has spoken that they would chase and track those websites which are spamming search results and violating Google’s terms and conditions.

A single high-quality is much better than the hundreds of backlinks arising from the spammy websites. So, it’s better to concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity.

Google has employed some algorithms crawling on the webpage sometimes to maintain it free of poor-quality content. Some of the main chores conducted by these algorithms include:

  • Chasing duplicate content
  • De-ranking and discarding redundant content
  • Eliminate spam links
  • Hunt for keyword integrated texts

So while you suppose to create backlinks, it is necessary for the website possessor or an SEO professional to interpret White Hat Off Page Seo Techniques which Google adores.

So, without wasting lots of time. Let us browse the 25 Off-Page SEO Techniques in the detailed form which we should describe in this blog post one by one.

List of 25 best Off Page Seo Techniques

Broken Link Buildings:

Broken link Building is one of my best off-page SEO techniques, which I repeatedly employ to create quality backlinks for my website.

This technique is very simple to carry out. To aim this technique, you have to discover the broken links on the high authority webpage.

You just have to take care that you don’t need to go out of the niche and create links because it may adversely impact your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages.

If you wish to examine broken links for any website or blog, you can utilize several Google chrome Plugins such as Broken Link Checker or Broken Link Check or purchase an ahref tool.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

This is the other best Off Page Seo Techniques which you can use for Social Bookmarking. It is also regarded as backlinks.

some of the best social bookmarking sites which you can depart for are

  • Pinterest
  • Listly
  • Pearlestree
  • Mix

Questions and Answers:

People strive for getting solutions on the web regularly, and various bloggers utilize this alternative for link-building objectives.

We can take Quora as an example. It is the most common question and answers review on the webpage. Most of the browsers type their questions to obtain their answers.

Top 3 Questions and Answers site:

  • ask.FM

What can you commit?

You can visit the Quora website and develop your account. Then inquiry for the questions associated with your niche or subject. If you already understand the clue to the question, then you should pen down it, and in the middle or climax of the answer link your website summary.

Internal Linking:

Most of the people carry out internal link-building procedures very lightly and ignores them.

Though, let me explain to you that internal link building is one of the significant parts of decreasing bounce rate.

It not only upholds link juice within your website but also offers you full authority to formulate your website in a proper way. Internal link building also benefits in improving the Domain authority.

So employ these Off Page Seo Techniques because internal linking is the most important step.

Social Media:

Presently, we are residing in a world where social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. play a key part.

These social media are often employed for communication between the enterprise and consumers. These social media are a favorable way to improve brand insight. So, you must develop your company’s social profile on social media.

Social networking has always been a good method to bring traffic to the blog because social networking has connected millions of people to each other.  Therefore, this is the best way to promote blogs, business, advertising, products, etc.  If you want to promote your blog well, then create your account on social media sites.

Profile Links:

Great profile links can increase your website ranking changes in SERP. It wouldn’t only perform as a backlink, but it is better than a backlink that may boost your overall website promotion.

Providing profile links from famous websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. would function as a good appreciation for Google to rule on your website and rank on top SERP.

Accordingly, be the basis of the most common social media websites with increased DA and get on to the settings and stare for the website or HomePage box and put in your website homepage URL.

Top 4 Profile Links Site 


Blog Submission:

Strive to make use of Online Blogging Communities by delivering your blog posts to them. Some of the great places where you can provide your blog are Blog Engage, Inbound, Doplash, and Growth Hacker.

Top 5 free Blog submission


Guest Posting:

If it is possible, try to submit quality Guest posts to different blogs. But don’t dare to submit spin content. You must always struggle to compose unique content and communicate it with other website possessors according to your niche. You probably know about guest posting, writing a post for someone’s blog, and publishing on it.  The thing to keep in mind here is that the site on which the guest posts should have a good rank and there should be nothing that google does not like.

Google Reverse Image Search:

The Internet is totally free and public; it may occur that images that you have produced are being utilized by someone else. You can discover who is utilizing your copyright pictures through Google Reverse Image Search. If you learn anyone utilizing your images you can reclaim it in trade for backlinks.

Competitor Analysis:

If you want to examine your competitor backlinks utilizing tools like Ahrefs and Semrush. You must try to explore how they are developing backlinks through proper analysis and give rise to a proper strategy to manipulate it.

Outreach Influencer for link building:

This procedure also comes under the Off-Page SEO activities. In this strategy, you need to convince the influencer to get a high-quality link. You need to reach out to those web possessors who have websites or blogs related to your niche. One valuable link in your niche would behave like a power booster for your webpage or website.

How can you Outreach influencer?

Satisfying the web owner for quality links is very difficult, but it is not that type of work that you can’t do. You can email them with your topic and can invite them for a link.

Create a YouTube Channel:

YouTube is one of the extensively used social media arenas. It enables users to develop channels. Never lose this chance, who remembers your content may get popular. Along with this, you need to share your YouTube content on various platforms such as forums and other social media.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a means to convey your emotions about a specific topic circulated by a blogger or website possessor.

So after browsing the blogger’s article, you can remark on their website. It benefits in opening up a healthy discussion between a publisher and reader. Nonetheless, do think of never do spam while remarking.

So, if you try to discover a blog where commenting is allowed and convey your emotions about that particular subject to the website possessor or blogger. Though, remember that blog commenting is primarily not followed and few of the site possessors delivering Do-Follow links.

Top 5 Blog Commenting Site (Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing Blogs)


Find Forum or Communities According To Your Niche:

Forum discussion is one of the favorable strategies by which you can expand traffic for your website. To do this, you just need to join a few white hat forums related to your niche and start understanding their difficulties by giving some value.


Article Submission Site

When you write a new post on your blog, do not forget to publish it on popular article submission sites.  Some popular article sites promote your post for free. If you do this then some deep connection will be made of your blog post and through that deep link, your blog will also be promoted and traffic will also come to the blog.

Top 5 Article Submission Site


Video Promotion Technique:

Video Promotion is also an excellent off-page SEO technique.  If you have a blog, you can also bring traffic by promoting your blog in a good way through video promotion.  For this, first, you need to make a good video of your blog.

In the video that you are making, you should also share the quality of your blog and also tell the people what will be the benefit from your blog.

When the video is completely ready, then upload it on popular video sites like youtube, Metacafe, daily motion, etc.  This will also promote your blog and traffic will also come to your blog.

You can also earn good money from YouTube, I have given you information about it.


Photo Sharing Sites:

Photo Sharing Sites is also a good way to do off-page SEO, I have seen that many new and professional bloggers do not use the Photo Sharing method.  If you are a blogger then you can get traffic in a very smart way from Photo Sharing Sites.

If you are using some images in your blog post, then upload the images to a top photo-sharing site like – flicker, Picasa, photo bucket, etc.  When you go to upload your photo on the top photo-sharing site, then also add a link to your blog in that photo.  When you do this, when someone sees your photo, a link to your blog will also appear there.  After doing all this, your blog will be promoted very well and traffic will also come to your blog.

Document Sharing Site:

A document-sharing site is a good strategy to bring traffic to the blog. I will explain to you some document-sharing sites where you can renovate your blog document to PDF and share it on the Internet.  By doing this, there will be good traffic on your blog for free.

Some of the document sharing sites are


Content is King:

Since coming into the digital marketing business, I have learned from my senior explaining, content is the king. Yes, I do concede with that. Content is the master of your website or blog. Everyone needs to get related to high-quality content. So try to develop unique and engaging content.

Increase Your Website Speed:

Google respects those websites which are quick and easy-to-use. Try to give rise to your website as soon as possible because everyone wishes to link with those websites which are quick.

If you do not understand how to analyze your website’s speed, then you can take the aid of Google Page Speed Insight, Pingdom Speed Test, or GT Metrix. With the support of these three tools, you can shortly uncover the problems and can rectify your website performance.

Create Shareable Content

Engaging content is always the KING in search engine optimization. Formulating great and shareable content is a creative way to generate more and more customary backlinks to our website or blog. Exploration frequently and maintain your content constantly fresh and updated.

Web 2.0 Submission

Above all, Web2.0 is just one of the methods where we can develop subdomains in an increased domain authority website.

  2. tumbler
  3. blogger
  4. WordPress

Best Tips for web2.0:

  • Keep sharing the great content
  • Update the site
  • Build backlink for circulated article

Infographics Submission

Infographics are important because they enable you to exhibit complex information in a manageable to know the way. Since 65% of people are graphic learners, a visual goes viral soon further than just a text article. Make efficient infographics.

Top 3 free infographic site list


Press Release

A press release is an effective solution to communicate with your audience. Schedule your press release, include previously published content from your site, and maybe some new, press release content too. Generally, you should maintain your press release short, but full of engaging and relevant information. They should also be manageable to digest.


Use Google my business

Google My Business is one of the most popular Google products for free. You need to optimize this platform for the best regional SEO scale. There is n number of niches where you can snappily optimize the content and connections and from that, we can develop a high number of social traffic and brand awareness.


These are some of the best Off Page Seo Techniques which I generally pursue on my website. So, I would suggest you employ these Off Page Seo Techniques for link building.

If you utilize the Off-Page Seo link-building strategies, then it would boost your webpage to rank for the extended term.

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