100+ Forum Posting Sites List [Updated] Why Forum Posting Is Important In SEO?

Introduction To Forum Posting Sites

Forum posting sites are the best platforms for discussing a topic online. Forums can be of different types, such as technology, SEO, finance, lifestyle, health, sports, education, and more.

Here Jetblogging has listed a list of lots of top free forum posting sites in 2021. But you need to select the most suitable forum discussion sites according to your website. Before starting a discussion on the forums, you need to sign up on these forums.

If you want to improve the authority and credibility of your website, then an online forum discussion site is the best forum for you. These sites are meant to enhance your knowledge at any place. There is always massive traffic on these forum posting sites.

So by discussing your topic, you can attract a large audience to your website. If you want to showcase your skills in any niche, then choose the best forum posting site from the list as per your niche.

The main advantage of forum discussion sites is that you can get high-quality do-follow backlinks.

You can get high authority backlinks from all these forum posting sites.

Some forum discussion sites like Quora.com, Carrer360.com, etc., allow you to build backlinks by posting Q&A.

Benefits of Forum Posting Sites
Benefits of Quora View my Content Views

Whereas other forum discussion sites allow posting articles to build backlinks. So, it’s clear now. You can earn high authority backlinks to your site by Q/A posting or article posting.

Posting your topic on relevant forums magically increases the keyword ranking of your websites. This will help you attract direct traffic and lead to your website as well as your industry.

How Forum Sites Use and Work

When you’re tired of solid backlinks, forum sites are an excellent resource for you! As a backlink or link-building expert in a forum site, the first thing you need to know is how to use these sites and make them work for backlinks.

Forums are an effective and suitable technique for site link building. Google still prefers forum site backlinks for post or blog ranking.

Benefits of Forum Posting Sites in SEO

In this blog post section, we discuss the benefits of forum posting sites in terms of SEO. I have already listed the list of best and effective forum discussion sites, dear.

To take advantage of these sites, you should post your discussion on the respective category forum posting sites. If you are doing the same, you can successfully garner significant targeted traffic in a brief time.

By posting topics on forums, you can get considerable targeted traffic and leads to your website.

Dofollow forum posting sites are the best search engine optimization tools to boost website ranking on search engines, page rank, build quality do-follow backlinks and reduce bounce rate.

You can significantly improve your industry presence through forum discussion sites. And you can promote your products and services effectively.

Forum discussion sites are Google’s spider-loving platform because these sites have rich informational content.

If you have many followers on these sites, you can effectively promote your products and services with a link to your website. You can magically attract massive direct referral traffic to your website.

List of free forum posting sites for 2021

Sr. No.Forum Sites

Things to consider before making forum submissions on forum posting sites

There are several things you should remember before making forum submissions on forum submission sites.

  • Use your real name along with other credentials when creating a forum identity
  • Use an actual profile image for your account
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest questions on forum sites
  • Make a great picture of yourself before submitting your site’s link to threads.
  • ask questions regularly
  • Try not to get backlinks from every thread you answer

If you are concerned with these factors, you will have the ability to get some backlinks from the very best SEO forum posting sites.

Why are forum submission sites/forum posting sites so important?

Business owners and owners use forum posting sites to improve their brand awareness and existence. Forums are a great way to socialize with people on a one-to-one basis. If you use these programs appropriately, you will have the ability to present your services and data to users.

According to SEO forums, forum sites are places where people share things, usually in text and links. Forum posting sites are like an online discussion, and you can showcase your skills on any topic. Many people participate in it with their advice, suggestions, skills, and doubts.

It has excellent potential to be exposed to SEO techniques and to have a rich number of visitors. In today’s online world, businesses need to find ways to attract as many people as possible to their sites. This not only improve the page ranking but also convert these visitors into regular customers.

Some of the benefits of discussing on the forum to increase the site authority and ranking.

Market Research for Forum Posting Sites

Site posting forums give you a place to stay in touch with visitors and potential customers to learn about needs, interests, and wants. In addition, the platform ensures that people understand the language and terminology. This is the best way to connect with as many people as possible to build a relationship.

Visitor Retention With Forum Submission Sites

As with forum submission sites, a forum gives new visitors, customers, and clients a reason to return to a website. Who wouldn’t want to keep visitors on a particular topic? What we all want and want people to visit and visit the website every day.

Forum posting sites are flexible and convenient.

An around-the-clock platform is available to nurture work, school, and professional demands. And it can be accessed from any web connection. Some of the forum submission sites are Affiliate Fix, DannyWeb, etc. A professional will experience the communication process.

Forum posting sites are valuable for SEO optimization.

Forum submission sites are critical to search engine optimization. These sites help you get your page ranking in the top Google searches. If search engines crawl your website, it is likely to drive a massive amount of traffic. All you have to do is pay due attention and seize the opportunity to make the right choice to get the result. If you are active on the forum, there are chances of getting backlinks, leading to sales.

Engage with your prospects with forum submission sites

Being the informal place to discuss any topic according to forum submission sites, this is the area where you can talk about your products and services and do a lot more about your business. After all, it is the information that will entice people to interact on your forum website. In doing all this, you are also giving information to prospects.

Forum Posting FAQ

Does Forum Posting Technique Help Promote Local Business?

Yes and No, Forum posting site will not promote a local business as it is a discussion forum where people post their problems and experts give solutions to their problems. But some forum sites are designed for local people only. Then they can serve to promote local business, here you can contact the audience to purchase products and services.

Are Forum Post Sites a Good Source for Dofollow Links?

I say yes. Forum posting is one of the best and effective sources to earn dofollow links from forum sites. It is also up to the site webmaster whether they allow adding Dofollow links or Nofollow links. I ensure that 70% of links from forum sites will be dofollow which works great to make your position on top in google.

Is the forum posting backlink permanent?

Your backlink lifetime entirely depends on the forum sites and you. A backlink that you get ethically ensures that this type of link will survive on forum sites for a lifetime. One thing you need to keep in mind is the forum thread that is relevant to your domain. If you reply to an irrelevant post, in this case, the link may be removed by the site administrator. So I will ask you to do it properly and earn dear backlinks of google.

Are Forum Sites Great Forums for Discussion?

Yes, the forum site is an excellent platform for discussion. You can join the forum and post your problem and problem in front of an expert. As far as I know, they will help you solve your problem. Forum sites also send you notifications when something new happens on the forum.
So I believe that forum sites are a great platform to solve this issue, and also, you can earn quality backlinks from forum sites. Each of the forum sites has its guideline that you have to follow to get natural backlinks.

Why is it hard to earn links with forum posting techniques?

As far as I know, getting links from forum posting techniques is no easy task.
It would be easy to register on the forum site, but you think you can get the link quickly, then you are thinking wrong,
Some forum posting sites have very tough guidelines that you need to keep in mind before getting links from them.
Many forum sites allow you to add a link to a forum thread if you’ve already posted the 30 above answers on other threads, so they also check to see if your answer is a problem-solver.
So getting links from forum posting threads is not an easy task.

Can I get expert advice on the forum site?

Yes, there are many experts available on forum sites who can give you proper advice as per your problem.
I also take their help to solve questions related to Digital Marketing and SEO. If you have a complete solution to your problem, then they will never ignore your questions.
So feel free to contact the experts on the forum sites to get the right solution for your problem. Join a forum site that is related to your niche and post your questions on forum sites.

How long does it take for forum sites to approve your comment?

Each of the forum sites has its guidelines for accepting an answer posted on a thread. But as far as I know, forum sites take 2 to 3 days to make your comment live on a thread.
The acceptance of comments also depends on several factors, such as the age of your account, membership plan, and popularity on forum sites.
Sometimes, your comment may be ignored by the admin. If you are not following the guideline, filling the link with an anchor in the answer can be a big reason for not accepting the answer on the thread by the admin.

Should I create a link in a forum thread?

No, and never, adding links to forum posts is not an excellent technique to get backlinks from forum sites. They can accept your link in the forum post if you have solved the questions on the forum thread by giving a proper answer.
Each forum site has different guidelines for making links live in forum threads. If you have more than ten answers on forum sites, in this case, they may allow links to be created in forum threads.

How can I find a list of high-quality Dofollow forum submission sites?

Finding a quality forum posting site to build quality backlinks is no easy matter. But, there are some techniques you can use to find forum posting sites.
Most bloggers keep a list of forum posting sites on their blog, so that novice bloggers can take advantage of these sites to build quality links and get some advice from top bloggers.
You can also use forums posting search queries to find a list of high DA forum posting sites to build backlinks. But, as far as I know, you will need more time to find free forum sites through this technique.

Does forum profile help in improving backlink ranking?

Yes, a link to the forum profile also works for you to improve your ranking in SERP. Sometimes many forum sites do not allow links to be created on threads, in which case, you have to look towards forum profile links which will also be beneficial for ranking purposes. In profile creation, you will be asked to fill in general information about your business.

Does forum posting technology help drive more traffic?

I say yes. Forum posting is still an effective SEO technique to drive traffic to your blog. But, driving traffic to a blog is not very easy.
For this, you have to create a thread and reply to the related post. When someone visits a forum site and finds your helpful answer on the thread, they may think of visiting your blog through your link.

Can I Find Quality Forum Posting Sites Through SEO Tools?

Yes, you can find free forum posting sites using SEO tools like Majestic and SEMrush. First, you need to locate your competitor on Google’s search engine results page, then analyze the competitor. There are more chances to get more forum submission sites that allow you to create threads.
These SEO tools also allow you to find relevant websites. If you have a forum site and it is working for you, you can use SEO tools to find similar forum posting sites.

Why should we choose a relevant forum for discussion?

If you have good SEO knowledge, you must know the importance of relevance while doing SEO. Relevance lowers the bounce rate and helps improve your blog’s trust flow, which SEO tools can determine.
So we are asking you to choose relevant forum posting sites for discussion as if you get a link from relevant sites, then your site ranking will be better in SERP.

Why do forum site owners delete your thread?

There are many reasons to delete forum threads from forum sites, such as the thread you created is not relevant to the forum site, so that they may delete your thread.
The second is that you are adding links to the thread to promote your business. Most forums have guidelines for creating a thread and when your link will be accepted in a thread. So read the forum guidelines before creating a thread on forum sites.

Do digital marketing forums help you find the best marketing experts for your business?

Indeed, digital marketing forum sites help you find the best marketing specialist for your business who does all possible things to grow your business online. Many forum sites also allow selling SEO services by creating threads.
But, not all SEO experts need to provide valuable services for the business. So make sure to check their reviews and portfolio before hiring them for your project. Also, you can go with people who are advising newbies on forum sites.


After a detailed description of forum posting sites, we finally reach these points.

Forum posting sites are:

The best strategy to build do-follow backlinks.
The best tool to boost search engine ranking to attract substantial organic traffic.
The best way to get direct referrals and leads to your website.
Most loved search engine crawler.

Build quality backlinks with these sites and share your experience here by commenting in the comment section.

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