List of Popular 9 Major Google Algorithm Updates: 2021

Today we are going to tell you who is the List of Popular 9 Major Google Algorithm Updates, and how many updates of Google Algorithm have come, and major changes are given below, so without wasting time we start now.

What are Google Algorithms?

Google algorithm is google’s own criteria to judge a page content level and rank it accordingly. Among various links, it recommends the best link for a user query. Google assigns a rank by considering several factors. From keywords to backlinks, Many Factors Improve Search Engine Optimization. The Web site owners struggle to bring their website to 1st ranking to increase traffic. Many spammers discovered many irrelevant methods to gain traffic. These irreverent methods forced Google to upgrade its algorithm each year with new challenges. There is no perfect set of rules to rank 1st but following some decent and high-quality content will always help to rank in SERP.

The algorithm of Google changes over time and new updates come to provide the best user experience. In a decade, Google changes its algorithm multiple times and each change brings a lot of effects on page ranking and eliminating spam content.

List of Google Algorithm Update

1st. Google Algorithm Update

Google’s 1st algorithm update was on November 16, 2003, called the Florida update. It eliminates those websites that used spam and keywords stuffing a lot. The Webpages at that time were flooded with low content levels and google focus on keywords deprived good content to rank better.

2nd. Google Algorithm Update

Google’s 2nd algorithm update was on September 1, 2005, known as Jagger Update. It completed in three phrases and it focused on numerous backlinks a site gains. Backlinks are important for a site to rank because it shows the authority or trusts the site gained. Most importantly, it builds trust for the page that used backlinks of we’ll known high-Quality web pages. But these create a worry when people start using excessive linking, paid links.

3rd. Google Algorithm Update

Google in its 3rd update on December 15, 2005, focuses on fixing the excessive use of backlinks and paid links. They handle spamming multiple links. Now backlinks are checked and their source is verified.

4th. Google Algorithm Update

On January 10, 2009, google get into its 4th update called Vince update that gave other big domains to rise other than affiliate one.

5th. Google Algorithm Update

May Day update in 2010, helped google to understand the long text queries and give an exact recommendation or suggest a related topic.

There are various Google updates but among them, there are few that brought major changes are mentioned below in sequential order-

  • Panda Panda got its 1st update in Feb 2011 where it got modified and its new versions arrived multiple times. Panda helped to identify and eliminate plagiarized content and overexpose of keywords. It bought the concept indexing websites by checking its quality level. It was the major algorithm up-gradation as it worked in depth to differentiate the quality content.
  • Penguin It was introduced in April 2012. It worked upon spam links and over-optimized anchor texts. Optimization of anchor texts means to have links from authorities’ websites but over-optimizing it is against the rule of SERP. So usage of links and anchor texts should be limited for content writers to focus on blog content more. It promotes proper link usage according to content.
  • Hummingbird launched in 2013, it focused on the elimination of low content and keyword stuffing. Now Google has started to focus on meaning and synonymous words to stop the overuse of keywords. It started recommending pages where keywords might not match but the meaning is almost the same. This created an opportunity to rank the best level of content.
  • Mobile This up-gradation brought desktop google into mobile and people liked it a lot. The mobile version introduced in 2015 added multiple features and made it easier to use in mobile too.
  • RankBrain It is the most critical characteristic of the Google algorithm. It fixed the long-tail keywords recommendation search results. It was able to rank specific pages based on their content level. It modified its understanding of synonyms, understanding of related or similar topics. It also analyses search history to know the interest of users and suggests web pages accordingly. For the trust factor, the transparency of the organization, public ratings and reviews, individual details, organizational policies, and services list, achievements, and easy to contact or accessibility makes trust in that individual or organization. These factors are also evaluated by Google to decide the EAT signals coming from a website. It can be useful to create traffic.
  • Medic It was also an important google algorithm up-gradation. It introduced the concept of YMYL websites. It stands for your money your life websites that are sensitive and linked with experiences and guidance regarding money and life. It should be written or promoted by knowledgeable people that give authority to these pages by google. It also introduced EAT signals that stand for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Google analyses the expertise by looking into author qualification, post quality, credentials. If the author is recognizable by people and has credentials, good public ratings then google concludes it as a decent authority.

  • BERT- came in October 2019 helped google to understand the concept in-depth and distinguish between good concepts and content with no intent. They upgrade the system with natural language processing to understand the meaning of texts. Language processing helps google to rank the eligible article by getting into the depth of content.
  • Pigeon- Introduced in 2014, it provided more useful information regarding the local search. People can easily access the “nearby” feature.
  • FRED- It was launched to target black-hat The increase in ads during the content interrupts users to get information. This problem was fixed by introducing this feature. Low-value content was downranked.
  • December 2020 Core Update-

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. This update is a new version of BERT. Google can search results in multiple languages. The modification in language processing makes it more user-friendly.

The latest update will be SMITH that stands for Siamese Multi-Depth Transformer based Hierarchical Encoder. It is not live yet and just a research paper by Google that claims that it can be one of the major upgrades in the future. It can read the entire document and can do long-form document matching.


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