How Quick I Get Money in Lockdown Periods Online

In this pandemic situation many of our life goes to set back as several of the private company got shut down or they cut off their employee. The business graph is getting low day by day. In this circumstance, the digital platform is pop up certainly as an extra income source of many which are quite successful. The following sources from digital platforms are mentioned below by which you can get money in lockdown periods:

Here I will tell you 12 ways that you will how quick I get money in lockdown periods online.

So let’s start now

How Quick I Get Money in Lockdown Periods Online Apply


Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money. India has the largest number of freelancers globally as per the survey. In this format, you can offer yourself any kind of independent form as a part-timer or a fixed period with a fee. The benefit of freelancing is that you do not have to sign any kind of contract; you can do this job in your free time that’s why it’s called freelancing.

Graphic designer, interior designer, architectural, web designer, digital marketing, content writer and many for the platform are there. You just have to go job portal website and have to create a profile and browse the listing job and apply whatever suits your profile.


If you are a subject expert one then there is a platform called online teaching. Same like freelancing you have to go job portal website and have to open an account with your experience and apply. Some portal gives you flexible time as per your convenient time.

Sometimes you have to do a demo class for the student if it gets selected your profile will be listed. You can earn 200 per hour which can go up to 400 or 500 as per your qualification and experience.


A virtual assistantship is a home-based profession offered by a company for most administration support. Administration offers client handling procedures for some start-up companies which they do not want to continue or unable by themselves.

The following kind of major work is making phone calls, email correspondence, Internet research, data entry, editing, writing. The organization guides you in a proper process how to handle that era. You can charge 200 per hour to 600 as per your expatriation.


In this new generation, there are thousands of blog resisters per day and more globally. You can make a source of income if you have a writing hobby. You can write a blog on your own with zero investment and self-hosted.

If you buy a domain for your website it may charge 2000 to 3000 one time but if your blog has that unique category you will return back with a good amount of money. Just remember one this writing should be with good research, unique content, and tribute of something. A solid blog takes time to set up but it lifts. Start Your Blog Now….


This role is probably the easiest online platform. You can find an internship, part-time or full-time role. Depending upon the quality of writing you got paid. You have to maintain some guidelines or procedures for it. You can use social media to share your article on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


In addition to keeping your social network intact platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat can also be used to make money. In this social media booming, so many companies and popular brands have a business account on this platform. They pay social media strategies to further boost the popularity of their products. Creativity is the master key by your content enhances brand value.

There are so many channels to tap into. Remember one thing social media needs dedicated time and energy hence you need to create and share posts regularly and interact with your followers on regular basis.  So here is a tip for you to wash up your social media skill explore the app and their features become shabby yourself before applying for such a position.


Not all business owners are text shabby but need to have a website for their own. Those have to knack to hire a website designer which can help small businesses to set up. Moreover, a website needs frequent updating information and maintaining which additional income can be for later on as well. Codes are very essential to set up a website. Depending upon the client you may earn 20000 to lakhs in this field.


If you are a multi-language person, then use your talent to earn money.  Many websites and job portals offer you a platform to be a professional translator or language expert by translate documents from one language to another. You can register and start biding on such a job and get paid rupee 1 to rupee 5 per word which can up to rupee 10 for some languages.


If you are finding confidence in front of the camera than behind it you can start a YouTube channel to post your video and monetized them as well. Your channel becomes your blog only with a different style of content. Everything from cooking shows to the political base can be the menu of your channel. Choose a category or topic on which you have sufficient knowledge and make a video on. Make sure this topic with liked by the majority.

As your channel gain popularity and subscribers, your earning potential grows. It based on every thousand views. You can check out this link from Google search to know more about youtube monitorization and the criteria we need to follow to be a youtube partner.


P2P lending is a platform that is a marketplace for money laundering activities and more organizations in such a manner. Individual they take loan directly from another individual who is willing to half the pass it to land.

P2P platform is a most attractive platform to lenders or potential lenders from their interest point of view but if you plan to run understand the platform you choose and how it works. Since this is an unsecured loan without any face-to-face interaction, be aware of the associated risk. Currently, the interest ranges are 13 percent to 30 percent.


If you are a creative writer, you can publish your book up on Amazon Kindle, as per a survey in the year 2019 Amazon pay around 300 million dollars on this. But it is very comparative so may take an entry how low charge you for a book.


A new website always needs new photographs for its business growth, so if you are a photographer you can sell your photography to that website. Shutterstock, Alamy, Gretty, stock are that kind of site who sales your photograph with some commission for their own.


Until and unless there is a serious challenge from your side or any difficulties from your current organization you should not switch the career but you can take that mentioned platform to earn extra money or polish your hobby in your spare time. Switching across new industries is good for learning and improves your skill.


There is always a positive and negative angle to every situation. One should take covid crisis as an important lesson to learn much more or research and explore their base, so you should first gratitude rather than complain. Utilize this time and get experience skills, there always way far opportunity in work from the home method.

Once you join the office culture there will be a fixed time and you never ever get a chance to explore your hobby or anything so it is the time to take care of your health and explore the vast knowledge, which can, in fact, add an extra value with your resume for future.

Besides that, you can keep in touch with the job market, pick up internships as much you can in living in this phase. And keep in touch with an employer of the organization, they may do not have a position to hire at this time but they will call you if you are in touch with them.


There is a different part-time opportunity in there, if you are from IT, TECHNICAL, MEDICAL BACKGROUND there is ample work. In this work-from-home culture, you don’t have too rigid yourself by your location, for example, if Delhi is your hometown, you can also apply for Kolkata.

So, it is never a pay cut situation if you have education, knowledge you always have an opportunity to earn yourself explore yourself at any time any circumstances.


Upskilling is something whether there is a pandemic or any edge, always giving you a path “How Quick I Get Money in Lockdown Periods Online”. As much works are done from home so you have to organize your home with some sort of good furniture, time management, keep regular work hours, separate work time for personal, Plan your workflow and be productive always.

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