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The primary function of JetBlogging is to inform people about the latest technologies and their reviews, blogging tutorials, and coupons related to various hosting, domains, themes and plugins. If you too have any information or tutorial beneficial to the readers of JetBlogging, you can share your website on our article.

Benefits of Write for Us on JetBlogging?

There are many advantages to blogging on our website JetBlogging. By blogging on our site, you can share your article with millions of readers, and at the same time, you can get high-quality backlinks from our website, which will further help you in Google’s ranking.

Please note: The article you send does not guarantee publication in any way. If you send an article to be published on our website, first, it will go to our content team, and if your article is approved, it will be marked for publication on the website.

Style guide

Article Length: If you send an article to our website, please check that its length is at least 1,000 words. If your article is more effective, you can also send a 2,000-4,000 word article.

Article Title: If you send us an article, keep in mind that the title should not exceed 70 characters.

What kind of articles do we accept on the website?

You can send us your article on each of those articles, which is useful for our readers. It can be related to blogging, technology or internet marketing in general, and can also be derived from one’s own experiences.

We accept article in these categories:

  • Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing, Advanced Trends, Guides, Tips, and Techniques, Digital Marketing Case Studies
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Trends & Guidelines, Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis, SEO Tools, Techniques
  • Advertising – Ad campaigns & Promotions,
  • PPC – Pay-per-click, AdWords
  • Blogging
  • Online Branding
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM, SMO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Google Tools – Google Analytics, Webmaster Search Console, Google Algorithm Updates
  • Content Marketing – Content creation, planning, copywriting tips
  • Digital Marketing Case Studies

Need to follow the guidelines-

  • 1000+ words article
  • We do not accept articles without titles
  • One do-follow link allowed per article
  • Links are not allowed in the first paragraph, the link between content
  • Include high-resolution feature image, infographic and video
  • Link your landing page to a keyword
  • The article must be submitted by heading and subheading.
  • The subject should be clear and written in easy language
  • Do not copy the content, make sure you have checked the content by SEO plagiarism before sending it to us.
  • Do not proceed with keywords in the content.
  • We do not accept links to high spam score websites.
  • Bloggers must provide us with 5–10 social bookmarking links on published blogs.

How did we proceed?

After receiving your content on our mail id. We will review the content by all guidelines and publish the content on blog notes and send you a link.

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 days to publish a blog. If sometimes it takes us longer then you can send us a reminder mail. We provide one to two Dofollow links in the content. The link will be permanent.


Here we have mentioned Google search operators for guest blogging that will help you find bloggers specifically for the niche.

Inurl “Write for us” “Niche Keywords”

Please include the post in the body of the email or as a .docx file.

How to send an article for publication?

If you have a post that meets the above guidelines, you can send it to me at email [email protected].

Hi, I'm, Govind Srivastav Founder of JetBlogging. A Professional Blogger, YouTuber, SEO Expert. Love to help people with my advanced skills to earn living online. You will learn Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on this blog.